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"We were grateful to receive the box of supplies, and somehow you ALWAYS get the order right.  Somebody manages well!!  A+ for effort." - Lorraine M. (3/9/2024)

"I tell whoever will listen how amazing you are on helping us always and getting supplies for 'J'." - Dawn P. (1/3/2024) 

"Searched for this item for 2 hours and was elated to find your web site.  Can't get these from the medical supply that the insurance gives my little disabled girl but happy to pay out of pocket for my favored and useful items.  Will be ordering from you in the future. - Karen C. (6/24/2023)

"Thank you so much.  I am so glad we found you!  You have been a huge help in getting these parts!" - Lucas M. (10/19/2021)

"Thank you so much for doing the "pump-fixing" paperwork for us.  We appreciate it tremendously!" - Mildred W. (4/16/21)

"Dana, thank you, once again, for your wonderful service.  Our needs never appear to be as important as those of many others, but you always seem to find a way to seamlessly fill needs and orders, quickly and efficiently. I only wish other companies would use you as an example as how to provide service effortlessly, and effectively. SMA is THE BEST!   Thank you for all that you provide to so many in need.  - Linda R. (7/10/20)

"Thanks for all your help.  You’ve been awesome to work with… I wish everyone was that easy to work with. Thanks Again." - Greg L. (6/24/20)

"Thank you for your courtesy today & your quick shipment of my order!" - John F.

"I just want to thank you for your help today. I appreciate everything that you have done. It’s so nice to have someone that cares and understands." - Joyce C.

"We deeply appreciate our "go-to" in Texas, t'was a good thing, a Blessing, for you to start SMA Medical Supply." - Lorraine M.

"Hello Dana, I just put in the order for black backpack and bags.  I never came across your site before - what an amazing story.  I am in awe that you can function enough to start your own business!  I only say that as a mom of a medically fragile 11 year old.  So I mean that sincerely.  I will definitely keep your company in mind for future ordering." G.K.

"Hi Dana!  I was so worried! Thank you so much. I know I should of ordered sooner but my mind has been in so many places! Thank you for understanding and making sure it gets to us.  I really appreciate it." - Hannah R.

"Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. Very thankful that you have so many things we need at reasonable costs… you are a life-saver to our SMA families! :)" - Sherry L.

"Thank You for having this SMA Supplies available for us parents that need to order for our children or just anyone. Feeling grateful to have found your company." - Norma F.

"Went online to find my son a vitamin supplement and ended up finding a good price on your site.  After reading more about you, boy am I glad I left amazon and kept looking!" - Robin M.

"We received our order today, and are extremely thankful, and grateful that we discovered your company.  Thank you for your wonderful service and for your fast and efficient shipping.  My husband has previously used the Misty Fast nebulizer and loves it, but we have had problems finding a supplier.  You filled a need and came to the rescue!   We will most certainly be ordering from you again." - Linda R.

"You are AWESOME! Only another SMA mom would understand how important a little thing like a nebulizer is before a weekend.  I don't know why I didn't think to ask you in the first place!" - Meri P."

"I absolutely love how easy it is to get what we need from you." - Adam A.

"Thank you so much. I love that this process is so easy, with our insurance it takes months." - A. Rey

"Hi Dana! Thanks for your prompt reply! You're awesome." - Mary C.

"Thank you thank you Dana. If only the specialty pharmacy I am dealing with was nearly as efficient as you. I appreciate it!" - Alaina M.

"Thank you so much. And a very special thank you for all you do to support SMA families! You've been a blessing to us." - Carissa K.

"Thanks so much Dana. I'm so glad Dr. Schroth told me about you. You take away a lot of stress." - Dawn P.

"Thank you for being so quick, we got it just in time to head out on our vacation with fresh tubing! We'll definitely contact you in the future when we need refills again." - Brandon C.

"Hi Dana, received the package! Once again thank you for your unparalleled support." - Ritu S.

"I wish every company was as efficient and easy to work with as you are!!!" - Debbie B.

"[I'm writing] in gratefulness to your SMA supply business. It's very appreciated!! And so prompt." - Lorraine M.

"Thank you so much for your caring help and the wonderful service!" - Mildred W.

"We just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and "foot work" on our behalf. We truly appreciate it!" - Kris Y.

"[Our daughter] has used her mask for 2 nights now and she loves it! It is so soft and comfortable.
Thanks for providing it to us." - Marie C.

"My daughter has type I SMA. We have private, PPO insurance but were not happy with Apria- the insurance's preferred DME provider. Even though SMA Supply is out of network which leaves us with a higher co- pay percentage, we have actually saved money through SMA Supply due to their great pricing. Not only that, but we never run out of what we need, have supplies that arrive when they are expected, and never worry about poor customer service. I am so glad we switched!" -Jennifer M.

"You had supplied us with several pulse ox probes for our son, Jay, last year when we were struggling to find them through our DME provider. You were so helpful and I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your quick response when we were desperate (a few times!) to have these on hand. Thank you very much." - Marla M.

"I bought a CoughAssist from you a couple months back and it arrived safe and sound and has been working out great. Thank you so much!" - Steven R.

"The supplies are great, so again, a big Wow! for tackling such a wonderful resource for us families, and thank you for doing it so kindly and well." - Diana L.

"Really good service from you. Appreciate your help." - Nancy M.

"Thank you and keep up the GREAT work. We appreciate it!" - Stacie

"Thanks for your service and advice. It's greatly appreciated." - Eli B.

"Thanks so much. I really appreciate how easy you make this." - Tess H.

"I received the unit already. Great and efficient service!" - Jackie D.

"Thanks Dana. you have been a great help to me." - Rebecah C.

"Thank you for everything you do for us! I don't think that you will ever know how much we appreciate your services at SMA Medical Supply!" - Margaret P.

"I would like to say that your website and your services are a blessing. Thank you so much for everything you do to help these beautiful little angels." - Liz M.

"Just wanted you to know we just received the suction!!! YAY! You even charged it up for us which is awesome of you. We will definitely buy from you again!! We had purchased a suction on E-bay for just slightly cheaper but we opened it and it looked used (yuck!) even though they advertised it was new AND it came without the battery plug-in. Needless to say, we returned it and got our money back. With you, I know we are going to get the right equipment and it's going to be sanitary because you are an SMA mom yourself and understand!!! :) Thanks again!" - Sarah T.

"Just a THANK YOU for starting SMA Supply. It's so wonderful to have a resource to buy supplies and extras through a source that has our best interests in mind. We love our new Go Anywhere Head Support. We use it in Charlie's bath chair, in his special tomato chair and in his Jazz EASyS stroller. It's the perfect addition to our equipment that never quite worked well for supporting Charlie's head." - Kim S.

"Wow, what awesome service! I am impressed with how speedy you are. Thanks so much for everything." - Debby S.

"We received the package from you! Thank you so much for sending it and for the extras in it. You really help us a LOT." - Daniel A.

"Love the head rest. Thank you for making it!" - Jana G.

"You were amazing, the best service possible and the product is the best quality. It is the best suction machine I have used outside of the hospital." - Michelle

"Thanks again for getting the pappy fixed for us! You are truly the BEST!" - Kim S.

"Our entire family is very grateful for the help you have given us. With warm wishes and heartfelt gratitude." - Ritesh S.

"Thank you for all you are doing to help SMA families, and thanks for your generous donation to FSMA, because it benefits us all!" - Kami P.

"Thanks for all you are doing. We appreciate your being such an important part. We are so glad to know that you are out there and accessible." - Melissa S.

"Thanks again for your excellent service. We are all so blessed you decided to start SMA Supply! Like a breath of fresh air compared to some of those DMEs we've all encountered out there!" - Debby S.

"You are doing really great job for SMA parents." - Robert L.

"I think SMASupply is an excellent addition to the SMA Community, and I’m really glad you’ve started it up. That fills a hole for sure." - Laura S.

"I want to truly commend you on your store and for offering so many things for our kids." - Sheila E.

"What an amazing resource you've created! Thank you for being such a wonderful support for families!" - Holly C.

"Thank you for the wonderful service you provide." - Justin K.

"I've been checking out Sma Supply--you've taken on something BIG and done a great job with it." - Sue O.

"Thanks for making such a great impact on the SMA comunity. You are awesome." - Jenny C.

"Just wanted to let you know that this is SUPER cool! Thanks for such a great and helpful idea!" - Visha W.

"I think you are filling a HUGE void --- tremendous need -- that has been unmet for -----forever!" - Suzanne W.

"What an incredible resource for SMA families. BRAVO for putting this together and a very well done site too. I'm so happy about this resource." - Nathan L.

"You are amazing! Thanks for your help. You've been a great aid for us." -Oscar H.

"Thank you so much for the quick delivery of the syringes. They are exactly what I needed. Thanks again!" -Liz M.